FM for military bases

Providing excellent facility support services to all service members

As a former civilian employee (Total Maintenance Contract COR) for a Directorate of Public Works and a Project Manager/Director for Total Maintenance /DoDDS Contracts since 1985 I fully understand the mission of military organizations, how they operate and how to support them best.

I can offer expertise and support to include (but not limited to):

  • preparation of solicitation packages for all kind of service contracts (experience Europe-wide up to 200,000,000.00 US Dollars for one contract)
  • calculation/modification preparation for all kind of services
  • development of SOP´s
  • development of PM plans
  • safety-/quality- and environmental matters
  • finding adequate personnel
  • Interim-Management to start projects
  • all interactions within the German environment (regulations/taxes etc.)

Contact me without commitment to find out, how I can support you!